Thursday, December 11, 2014

Easy and quick ornaments and gift tags - tutorial

The holidays are coming up quickly now so there isn't much time to start a new project. I've got one that you CAN start now - and they will be done in no time.

These are ornaments made out of poster board. You can find poster board in almost every big box craft store. Feel the sheets and pick the ones that have a heavy weight to them. Sometimes the stores sell poster board that is flimsy so you don't want that. There are different color choices at different chains - Lots of options! One hint - look for a red that is a true red and not a red/orange. 

Get a giga paper punch. You can get round or oval punches. You will also want a small punch for the small holes for the hangers. See the pictures below. If you are at a big box store that takes coupons, be sure to use one! -  if you don't have a store nearby I've posted a link to Amazon over in the right hand column. 

I use white gelly roll pens for my tangles - Both the white and the gold pens work. If I am in the mood I will sometimes add some shading with a colored pencil that coordinates with the color of the poster board. But if you are in a time crunch - just do the tangles.

You can do wonderful ZIAs with a string (Zentangle Inspired Artwork). My suggestion however, is to use these as an opportunity to do a monotangle - that is, just do one tangle on each ornament. Draw two parallel lines set far apart and do the tangle within. (Hint - do the lines at an angle so you don't have to worry about being level.) Make your tangle BIG - Keep it simple, and you will be churning these out like Santa's elves!

You can do both sides but if you leave the back blank you have a perfect gift tag.

These are all monotangles - ditto, tipple, ixorus, cadent, paradox, hibred, cadent, hollibaugh.

These are my giga punches. Round, oval, and the small punch. I punch out a lot of ornaments for my classes so I added a little craft foam to the bottom so my hand wouldn't hurt as I was punching. If you are just doing a few, this isn't needed. 

Happy tangling!

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