Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tangling on seashells

Spending time at the ocean is my idea of heaven.  I love collecting shells.  And tangling on them afterwards brings back those memories.

I'm at a Zentangle retreat for CZTS in Michigan this weekend and I brought along shells I collected in Florida last winter.  We had fun adding our special touch to our shells.

I like to use a Sakura Microperm pen on shells but I know some people successfully use the IDentipen and even the regular Micron pens.  Shells are free and they usually aren't handled much so there are several options.


  1. Oh, they are all beautiful! Wonderful idea!

  2. Oooh how gorgeous are these, Sue! So imaginative. I love the particular tangles you have chosen for each shell, which really reflect their beauty and co-ordinate so well. This would be fun to try.


  3. These are lovely! I had the same thought while vacationing on the ocean this year and I found some lovely flat, roundish scallop shells for my students to tangle on. I love to scavenge the beach and it was so much fun finding them and thinking about the tangles that would go on each. I called the workshop Hanging Onto Summer! Wish we could......

  4. Such a great idea! I have so many shells. TFS 💕

  5. Wow! All I've done with my shells is paint many, many, many different colored lines and spacing. I love Zentangle so much! Your designs are incredible... intricate, original and gorgeous! I can't draw like you do, but Zentangle is a great substitute for those of us w/o drawing talent! Thanx so much for posting your creations. I love all of them!

  6. I did some shells with sharpies and they all faded away very quickly. I
    see your recommendations of pens. do you seal the shell first or after or at all?

    1. I use the IDentipen or the Microperm pen. And no, I don't seal them at all. They are just decorative so I don't feel they need to be sealed.
      I agree, I've had Sharpies that turn a yucky brown or purple or fade entirely. I only use my sharpies when I'm marking cardboard boxes for storage.


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