Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LaBel - new tangle pattern

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LaBel is a pattern based on a border I saw on a painted Russian tray. On the tray it was painted in gold, as most Russian trays are. I saw a pattern that would lend itself well to zentangle.

-Start with a line of simple spirals and alternate the direction you pull them.
-Add two humps (or the top of a heart shape) from the top of one spiral to the next.
-Dots go at the middle of the two humps.

Embellish and shade as desired.


  1. Very pretty, Thanks for sharing.
    Your tangles are always so delicate, and I like that a lot!

  2. like the hearts! Very pretty indeed! {:-D

  3. Very nice... and your 'deconstruction' makes it easy to replicate. Thank you.

  4. So glad that Tangle Patterns featured this tangle. It's lovely! Thanks for the clear, concise directions.

  5. Love it. Would work great as a border. Lots of embellishment too!

  6. A very pretty tangle pattern, thanks.

  7. This is one of my favorites!!! Thanks!

  8. I just love your design. Thank you for sharing. New personal insight. jlnrutz


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