Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy zendala

I'm still on a high from last week with the new baby so this zendala used lots of bright, happy colors. I got the string pattern by looking at my rubber stamp collection. The rubber stamp I used was pretty complex but I loved the outer shapes so I used mostly that. I used the Gelly Roll Moonlight pens by Sakura. The shiny black lines are the Sakura Glaze Gelly Roll pen. Then I shaded and highlighted the piece with colored pencils.

One of the purple patterns uses the official Zentangle patterns Echoism. That pattern is one of my favorites. It goes together quickly and I love its look. You can see me demonstrating this pattern in the new video by Suzanne McNeill. 

The link to the video is on Suzanne McNeill's blog. Thank you very much Suzanne for putting it up! It was done at the CHA show in Chicago this past summer. I was very nervous making the video. We planned it on the fly and after it was done I started thinking of all the things I should have done or said. We had to start and stop it a few times when they started making announcements on the loudspeakers. And then we had to recharge the camera's battery. I hope you enjoy it anyway.


  1. What's the difference in a mandala and a zendala? I've seen both terms and I'm confused. Love the soft colors on this...and it really pops on the black.

  2. Hi Susan - simply, a zendala is a mandala that uses zentangles in it.

  3. Hi Sue! This picture is not coming thru on my browser. . .has it been a problem for anyone else? Thanks, Judy

  4. Interesting. . .I tried searching for the same page on a different browser, and there it was!


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