Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alphabet Soup

A - G

H - M


Q - U

V - Z

Here is my alphabet soup all together. I picked tangles according to their names. In the first tile I have only tangles that go from A - G. I continued through the alphabet in the same fashion. I tried to also pick tangles that I hadn't used much in the past. I used some official tangles but chose many from individuals. I did my best to try to choose from a variety of people. There are some people that are prolific designers and I wanted to spread my choices around. 

This was a challenge I started purely for myself. It's fun to see that others are trying it too. If anyone else wants to try it, here's how it goes. Start with a string of your choice. Pick tangle patterns in alphabetical order. Only use an 'A' tangle once and then move on 'B', 'C', etc. Fill and shade as usual. Extra points for using tangle patterns that are less used. When you finish one tile start the next tile at the letter of the alphabet that you left off at.   ---if you only want to do one tile; pick a random letter of the alphabet and use that as your starting point to begin your alphabet soup.

If you do this challenge please post a picture and send me a link in the comments.

When you are looking at my tiles above, see if you can get the names by yourself. When you are stumped you can look at the blog archive entries for each day to find the the name of the tangle and the name of the person who first posted it.(look at the column on the right)

Someone asked me where all these tangles came from. Well, I collect tangle patterns. Whenever I see one posted I copy down the steps and add it to my collection. The Zentangle newsletter frequently comes out with new tangles. I have many blogs that I look at. (see my blog list in the right hand column.) I also watch the links that Molossus puts up at her site. I don't know how she finds all the sites she does! Another resource is the Flicker site.  And I also have to give credit to Linda Farmer at Her site is amazing.


  1. So much fun Sue! They all look wonderful, I love this idea, it's a good way to pick a tangle!

  2. Oh, I have really enjoyed doing my first two parts of the alphabet and I love looking at yours to see the different patterns that I don't have in my own collection yet. I think the next challenge would be to do a whole tile or ZIA with tangles that all begin with the same letter! This is my post of A-G and H-O.
    Thanks for the challenge!

  3. Here's my A-H tiles - what a great idea! Can't wait to finish......

  4. I read Marg B's blog on your alpha soup idea and started last night. I really enjoyed it and it was so easy to select tangles. I decided to draw the 1st letter of the tangles as the string, just to add less 'having to think'. I love the ones you did too. I like too that it helps me to remember the names. I have put my 1st one on my blog

  5. You must have hundreds of patterns then because it seems every day I see several new tangles/patterns being introduced. How do you organize them? I've only been doing this a few months and I have almost 400 patterns randomly in a notebook which isn't efficient if I'm looking for something specific. I'm willing to learn from the master! :)

  6. Finished my tiles last night! You can see them here:

    Thanks for the fun idea Sue!

  7. Just posted all my tiles for your Alphabet Soup challenge. What a great idea!


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