Friday, August 16, 2013

Dex 2

I wanted to do another tile for the Dex challenge as my first one wasn't strictly a monotangle. This one is. I used the two string method by attaching two pencils together with a rubber band. When I found the two lines to be a little two close together, I put two Popsicle sticks between the pencils and then I was happy. I explored some different tangleations of Dex here.

This tile uses a brown Pigma Micron pen. I used a tile I had hand colored with watercolor paints. It's shaded first with an orange colored pencil and then again in a smaller area with a brown colored pencil.


  1. Like the watercolor wash. I have not started to put on tangles on it yet but I have started a larger piece with a watercolor wash. Like your variations of Dex.

  2. Love the color and shading with this tile. Nice!

  3. Wonderful! I love the color and love the soft curves of your Dex here! It's so gentle and smoothens the angles to regular Dex. I like it!


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