Monday, August 5, 2013

Drawing Yin Yang lines

When I did the last zendala I tried doing the curved Yin Yang line freehand,  but I found it frustrating.  Then I found this tip on line so I wanted to share it with you.
With a pencil - Start with a large circle.  In the drawing it's 4 inches.  Add two small circles within the big circle. Stack them one over the other.  These measure 2 inches.  If desired,  little circles can be added within. (See picture ) You can adapt this to any size circle. Just make the smaller circles half the size of the bigger one. The tiniest circles can be whatever looks good to you.
Go back and emphasize the S shape that results if you start at the top circle,  go to the midpoint, and then go around the other side of the lower circle.
You can use circle templates, a ruler,  and/or a compass.  If you are computer savy you could do it in a drawing program too.
After I got my yin yang drawing done I simply placed it under my zendala outline.  I turned the zendala around until I was happy with the alignment and traced it on.


  1. Excellent explanation. I never can draw this properly, but your instructions with the diagram is perfect!

  2. Yes! Now my symbol, when I make one, won't be all askew. Thanks.


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