Monday, October 7, 2013

Random act of zentangle and glamping roundup

At night the glampers put little lights around their campers. We had a fire going in the middle and we all enjoyed each other's company.

The next morning all was quiet when I went to the main house to get my tea. The morning fog seemed magical. Almost everyone else was still in bed.

This is one of the the random acts of zentangle I left in the house.

The farm house is known as the Janney house on Patterson Farm. It's in Yardley, PA. The Artists of Yardley use it for workshops and other art related events. It is surrounded by farmland that will remain open space for the community. It was wonderful being there. As campers, we did 'dry camping' meaning we did not have water or electrical hookups. Everything we brought in, we brought out. We participated in their fundraising event on Saturday by opening up our vintage campers for tours.

 This was my bed. On the ledge alongside it, I could stand up the tiles I had done and also the tiles I had brought to display in my class. I left two of the tiles pictured here in the house that hosted our camping. (That's called a random act of Zentangle) They had a fundraiser festival while we were there so there were lots of people that came through and I have no idea who picked them up. I hope they enjoy them!
We had a little kitchenette. My sister-in-law did the tile work recently. The rest is all vintage from 1971. The other bed is hers. Notice the beautiful quilts on the bed that she made!!! 

My sister-in-law relaxing outside the camper - and yes, she made the bunting displayed behind her. It was so cute with big buttons for tires.

The pictures below are the interiors of some of the other campers. It was amazing to see what they had done. The interiors were usually quite small but they had made them so cozy!

While the vintage campers were the main attraction, we also had ladies in tents, motor coaches and even beds in the back of their SUVs. A couple of people stayed in nearby hotels too. It was a welcoming and fun group. If you want more info on the group visit


  1. Thank you for sharing! I love those caravans. And I can feel the calm and peace on the photo of the morning mist. Wonderful! And as always: you artwork looks great. Of course the lucky finders of your random act of Zentangle will be loved


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