Monday, October 14, 2013

Galileo - new tangle pattern

Galileo is a new tangle pattern I've developed. It is based on a design I saw on one of my shirts. (The picture of the fabric is at the end of this post.) My husband looked at it and said it reminded him of stars and a spiral galaxy so I choose Galileo as the name.

Steps for Galileo;
1 - Draw pointed petal shapes in a grid pattern. Alternate the angle that you place them. Imagine a clock face and place one pointing to 1 and 7. The next shape points to 2 and 8. Look closely at the steps.
2 - Put a small circle in the middle of alternating sets of four petal shapes.
3 - Draw curved lines from the tip of the outside of each petal shape to the circle in the middle. You may find it easier to draw all the lines that go in one direction first, then rotate your tile and do the next set, and so on.
4 - Draw an inner curved line from the petal shapes to the middle. Start this inner line in a bit from the tip.

Add details and shading as desired.
You can add small elements in  the space between as desired.

There are lots of possibilities for tangleations

A close up of the steps

An ATC (artists trading card) that I did on a colored background with a white pen.

The shirt fabric that inspired this tangle pattern


  1. Now that's a happy new tangle! Very nice. Like it very much and anxious to give it a go! Thanks, Sue.

  2. Love it, but I am having trouble with the angle of the petal shapes so have to practice more.


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