Thursday, April 16, 2015

A tile with a story!

This tile has quite the story behind it. It was done with stencils to answer the Diva's challenge to use found objects for the string. But how I got to the finished tile is quite the story!

I spent a long weekend with my granddaughters, ages 3 and 6. My son and daughter-in-law had to go back to Ohio to take care of some family business so I volunteered to watch the girls while they were gone. I flew down to Texas and brought them their Easter baskets. They posed for this picture with the silly glasses from their baskets

We had a grand old time with the different craft projects that grandma had brought along. (I can't go without bringing along some type of craft project now!)

Mom and dad left on their flight and I was in charge. We went to the girls dance class and the girls proudly showed me their moves. I took them to get sandwiches at the place that has Rice Crispie treats in the kids meals. In the afternoon we went to a local fair and pet the animals in the petting zoo. And that night we all slept well. 

The next day they were invited to a birthday party at a place that had a fun bouncy house. The girls were having a great time until the little one fell in a freak way - and came over to me crying and clutching her arm. At first we didn't think it was too bad but within a short time I noticed swelling and a bit of discoloration so we knew a trip to the ER was in order. Thankfully there is a pediatric ER fairly close and they did a great job taking care of us. Unfortunately the news was not good and the little one fractured her arm and needed surgery.

She was very brave in dealing with the whole ordeal. Her mom caught a flight home as soon as possible and the little one was VERY happy to see her mommy later that night. I was there the whole time but grandma knows she earned several new gray hairs in the process. I can't imagine how scary it was for her to go through the pain, the IV, all the doctors and nurses, the surgery and recovery, all without her mom and dad. 

My son and daughter-in-law have made many, good friends in their new home. One of the friends, Jenn, was extra helpful in taking care of the older one while I stayed at the hospital. The next day she brought over a wonderful assortment of goodies for the little one. Among the goodies was a sticker frame package. After the frames were punched out I noticed these pieces sitting on the table waiting to be thrown out. I knew what the Diva challenge was, but with everything going on, I hadn't had a chance to do anything. So I grabbed the trash and put it into my bag. When I got back home to Illinois I first rested, but then I started on my tile using the trash pieces as stencils. 

Update: The little one is feeling much better now. She is enjoying all the extra attention from friends and family. Yesterday she asked her mom, "I'm feeling better now, Can I still keep the presents?"


  1. Aw, poor thing! Such a scare but at least now she's feeling better and has been very brave.
    I love the thought of you spotting those stencils from the Zentangle part of your brain! It's impossible to switch it off once it's on, isn't it? Great tile and quite a tale!

  2. Great story, Sue! What little sweeties your granddaughters are! Happy endings are my favorites - so glad to hear the little one is feeling better. Nice "score" on the tangling templates, btw. :)

  3. Awwww poor kiddo! Your tile is beautiful and your shading gives fantastic dimension to your tangles! I'm glad she's feeling better! You might consider framing and giving this to your granddaughter to treasure. A permanent reminder of your love and care for her!

  4. Poor little one! I'm sure it was hard for her but she had lots of people around her, caring for her and loving her. I'm sure she appreciated this even though it's not the same as Mom and Dad. I'm glad she's better though.

    I totally love your tile! Using the trash thingies was a great idea and the snake-y stripes things look lovely. The highlights in it look so fabulously delicate and elegant.

  5. Lovely tile. And what a little trooper she is! Both are quite adorable.

  6. Oh no! Glad she is feeling better now and on the mend.
    That is a fabulous tile!

  7. Poor little one, but also POOR you!!!! If your caring for children you're always afraid something like this might happen. I love her last question by the way :-)
    The tile is gorgeous, Sue!

  8. Lovely tile, Sue! I can only imagine the amount of gray hair added...sigh. Hope YOU have are amazingly resilient, but it takes us a bit longer, huh?

  9. Love your tile and the story behind it makes it even more precious. I was glad to read that your granddaughter is doing better now. Asking if they could keep the presents sounds like something my youngest granddaughter might ask too. Aren't they just precious? I love being a grandmother too!

  10. Hope your granddaughter has a speedy recovery. My daughter (who is now 29), blames the problems she has with her back to a fall in a bounce house when she was little. She may be right. Beautiful tile!


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