Thursday, November 5, 2015


Gourdgeous is the newest tangle pattern featured in the Zentangle newsletter. It was inspired by the pattern on bead board and it evolved into the pattern that is similar to all the gourds that we see in autumn. This is a tangle that challenged me at first - so I just decided to keep doing it until I was happy. 
This is how I started out. I did it a couple of times and wasn't too thrilled. So I tried the version with the dimple at the bottom and was happier. One more time in the basic way to balance out the zendala. So far so good - now what. Well, I got this far on Monday and hit a mental block. I couldn't decide what do do next. Finally last night I settled on the patterns to complete this piece. There is a version of Sampson in the middle and Vigne around the border. Done!


  1. Ingenious to put the dimple on the bottom. Definitely more appealing that way, at least to me. Love your tiles and this makes me want to try it again (I'm not drawn to this tangle in general). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lovely, the finished Zendala is wonderful. I struggled to draw one, let alone 4!

  3. Wonderful zendala with Gourdgeous! I like it a lot!


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