Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tangling in the hospital

As many of you know, being in the hospital is not fun. Since I knew my surgery was coming up soon, I packed a bag of tangling supplies. I did these ATC tiles when I was at the sweet spot in my meds so I could do  them. You know - when the medicine has started to wear off and you aren't too loopy - but before the pain started up again.

I decided to each tile diffently while keeping to a basic string and a small group of tangles.

I cut them out a paper I found at Jerry's artorama . The backrooms were done with watercolor paints. Tangles were drawn with a fine tipped pen. Finally I added the shading and highlights with colored pencils.

I'm hoping to go home later today.


  1. Sue these are wonderful - amazing what you can do even though you are in hospital! Hope you recover soon!

  2. So pleased to know you're managing to find just enough focus and comfort to tangle - I'm sure doing something you love is acting like a medicine in itself! Best wishes for your healing.

  3. They are beautiful, Sue! I hope that you are home and comfortable soon!

  4. Beautiful ! Hope you are home and feeling better now.

  5. Beautiful! I hope you are feeling much better by now.


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