Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hollibaugh Plus

Hollibaugh is a tangle that is wonderful for adding a different sort of element to my tangles. While it has the repetitive element of the two parallel lines, it also has a lot of randomness in where those lines are placed. There are also many tangleations you can do with this tangle and if you look at the challenge pieces from 'The Diva' web site you will find lots of inspiration.

One aspect of Hollibaugh that I find intriguing is that you can use it to connect other tangle patterns to each other. In the tile here I used four different tangle patterns around the edges and then used Hollibaugh to find ways to join them.

Here is the tile before shading - (and the photo was taken late at night so the focus is a little off).


  1. Sue, thanks for that tip of using Hollibaugh to connect with other tangles! I hadn't thought of using it that way. Nice tile!

  2. This is very inventive and there's no doubt the way you have done Hollibaugh certainly brings it all together.

  3. beautiful tile, it's so interessting to see the difference before and after shading. thank you for sharing

  4. Yes, I agree, Hollibaugh is a fantastic connector! As always the shading makes a lot of difference.

  5. That is a fun twist to use the ends of Hollibaugh to connect other tangles. I love it!


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