Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meandering Echoism

Echoism is one of my go to tangles. It sneaks into many of my pieces including the post from last week. When it became the focus tangle of one of my Facebook groups this week I wanted to try it in different ways than I normally use it. 

I started with a meandering line for a string in pencil. I then added echoism in a very random manner - more or less following the pencil line I started with. I added a variation on Henna drum and some auras. Shading / Highlighting completed the piece.

Which do you prefer? Black or white?

A late addition to the post here - someone asked me where the echoism was in this tile so I hope this picture explains it better. The picture on the left show the way we usually start basic echoism. The one on the right has the pencil line that I used as a string and then a more freeform echoism.

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