Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fireworks zendala

Today I am really stepping outside the box of traditional Zentangle. I wanted to do something that was inspired by the 4th of July and fireworks came to mind.

 I started with red paper. I recently acquired a product from the Martha Stewart line of products called a 'cut and fold punch'. It's a fun little gizmo that punches cut lines all around the paper and then you go back and fold them to create this design. It has magnets to help you line them up. After I had it all punched and folded I noticed the inner circle was the perfect place to tangle.

The tangles that I used were less traditional tangles than bits and pieces that come from other tangles. Once I got going it was fun to keep creating. I used a white gelly roll pen and bits of a gold gelly roll pen too.


  1. Yes, different from your other work but so original and beautiful, I really like it very much!

  2. This is very cool, the red design against the black background makes it pop out like it is 3-D!

  3. Wonderful Interpretation! Really firework!!! Love it!

  4. Really creative and beautiful tile.

  5. This is very cool and I'm saying this after seeing you used a Martha Stewart product. She always brings out my worst inferiority complex. You've definitely captured the fireworks vibe, both with the cutout and the tangles.


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