Wednesday, July 20, 2016

tangling while traveling

I love to tangle while I travel. I always have the basic supplies in my bag and can pull them out anyplace, anytime. I was on a plane when I did this one. A plane has very limited space but the tray table is just fine for tangling. The last time I tangled on a plane the tween girl that was sitting beside me was fascinated with what I was doing. After I finished the shading and signed my name I handed it to her as a gift. You should have seen the smile on her face. Of course, I took the opportunity to tell her mom all about Zentangle.

On this tile I started with a very simple string. I don't know quite how it happened, but all the tangles made me think of traveling and movement. They are; Ditto, Schway, Twing, and Echoism.


  1. It is a nice tile and a nice story you showed us.
    Unfortunately I cannot draw in the plane, or car, or boat...
    I become dizzy and I am therefore not on the challenge this week.

  2. Lovely to see Twing, it is not as common as some other tangles.

  3. How nice that you were able to spread the Zentangle gospel during your flight. I'm not even sure which tangle is which (that is, I'm not good with the tangle names), but your tile does also remind me of travel. I think it might be the arrows. I also enjoy tangling on airplanes, but I wasn't happy the time I left a goodly amount of supplies in the seat back pocket. Hopefully, someone made good use of them.

  4. A lovely tile Sue!!! And a nice story.

  5. A lovely tile. I like how it looks like it's made up of several stripes of paper.

  6. Great tile. I love the composition.

  7. Love the tile and loved the story. Great work!

  8. I guess Schway is a perfect travel tangle and it's one I've never used, so I will definitely try that next time. I too have felt the eyes of fellow passengers on me as I tangle during a flight. However, I usually use my book, so can't hand anything over but it has led to interesting conversations!
    Your tile is really lovely and I agree that your choice of tangles add to the sense of motion!


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