Wednesday, July 5, 2017

new pen play

At a recent gathering of Zentangle fans in Wisconsin I was introduced to a new way to use a pen. It's the Elegant Writer pen and its main use is for calligraphy.  But someone discovered that when the lines are touched with water the ink bleeds in a variety of colors. Now if you are trying to do an elaborate calligraphy piece that would be a problem. But since there are no mistakes in Zentangle, this is just a happy accident.

In the pieces pictured above I tangled using a variety of tangles, with the main tangle being Aquafleur.  I used the pen both with the thick part of the pen as intended, and also holding the pen so I used only the thin edge. Then I used a brush loaded with plain water and touched the edges of the tangling, allowing the pen to bleed.

 I did a quick video to show how this pen bleeds when it hits the water. I'm trying to figure out how to show the video here but until I figure that out just click on the blue type - 

I tried running the pen through a wet area on a card just so I could see what would happen. I suspect that this isn't the best idea for the future as it may dilute the ink in the pen. But WOW! it was so cool to see what happened. Look in the picture below to see what happened after the piece was fully dry.

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  1. Stunning results. This is why we should all play more - use pens in ways other than they are recommended, and see what happens!


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