Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clear Glaze pen play

A few weeks ago I got a set of the Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze pens. I was having fun with the colors and loving how shiny they were. Then I started playing with the CLEAR pen. Wow, it works perfectly as a resist.

I started with a white tile (my usual 3 1/2" square). I got the basic flower and heart shapes by using a simple stencil I had laying around. The glaze takes a bit longer to dry than regular ink so I paused a bit before I did each shape. After the shapes were in I went ahead and did my tangling. The pen produces a fairly thick line so I tried not to get too complicated with the tangles. I also found that drawing with a clear pen on a white tile makes it a little tricky seeing where you have been. I solved that by holding the tile at a bit of an angle so the light would reflect off the lines.

After the tangles were done I got out my watercolor paints. I just used a blue and a purple here. I wet the entire surface with water and then put in swaths of color while it was still wet. After it was all dry I used a colored pencil to reinforce some darks in the corners.


  1. Sue, looks like you are having fun with your new set of gel glaze pens! Love the tangle pattern you drew... and the colors are a lovely compliment.

  2. Wow, Sue thanks for sharing this great technique! I bought the glaze pens recently too. And so far I tried them on an actual ceramic tile. I like the result,but would like to figure out how to make it permanent. I am going to have to try the resist like you did.


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