Friday, October 28, 2011

Corn Stalk Maze

In October the farm stand down the street comes to life with lots of Halloween activities.There is a mini zoo with lots of wild animals and giraffes you can feed. On weekends they have pig races. There is a hay ride and haunted house. And of course they have lots of pumpkins to choose from. In the back they created a corn stalk maze for kids and adults to explore. When I did this tile my husband looked at it and said it was kinda confusing. I was thinking of fall with the colors and eyes in the Paradox, so the confusion of the cornstalk maze seemed an appropriate name for this.

The feeding station is up on a high platform so you are at eye level with the giraffes.

We love to take pictures of our kids with pumpkins. It's a family tradition.


  1. Humph. My first comment didn't go through. I'll try again.
    How cool to be on head level with a giraffe! Eye to eye!!! And speaking of eyes, I love the eyes you added to Paradox! And I also admire your embellishment of NZeppel...makes it look steampunkish!

  2. I love the background color on this tile, and all the tangles on top!


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