Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching up

Life has been hectic this past week - taking care of grand babies, a family wedding, and out of town company. I've enjoyed it all but it hasn't left any time for tangles. So today I'm posting a tile I did when I was experimenting with the Pea-Nuckle tangle pattern. I was still figuring out how to space my shapes. But as always, it was fun and relaxing - as zentangle should be. So I'm posting it today.

I thought I'd add this picture of all my granddaughters - it was so nice to have them all together. We all took picture after picture - trying to get them all looking in the same direction - and trying to get some sort of smile. We never did get the portrait we were looking for. But it was fun and we did get lots of pictures showing the girls personalities.


  1. Sue, Your Granddaughter's are beautiful. You are a lucky Grandmother.

  2. Your pea nuckle is excellent, I find it such a hard pattern! love 'n greetz, Ellen


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