Wednesday, June 27, 2012

new tangle challenge

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On the blog today, Rick and Maria have posted a new tangle. Actually, they didn't post the tangle - just tiles done with it. And they have challenged us to name it and come up with the steps to complete it.

I'm not very good with naming things - besides, there are already some wonderful suggestions in the blog comments. So here is my way of showing the steps to this tangle. 

It begins by lightly drawing the shape you are going after in pencil - just like any string. It's hard to see in my photo but it is definitely there. 

Start with a pair of lines going along one side of the shape. Add another pair on the next side - connecting to the pair you already have. Continuing with the third pair of lines.

From here on out you draw single lines that goes inside what you have already drawn.

Just like the tangle 'Hollibaugh' you draw behind - when you come to a line that is already there, stop and continue your line on the other side.

Now I need to do some tiles with this tangle!

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