Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alphabet Soup - D

Alphabet Soup again. On this tile all the tangle patterns have names that start with the letter D.
They are;

Dragonaire - Norma Burnelle
Diamond Drops - Moon Attic
Dessus-Dessous - Genevieve Grabbe
Dancet - Margaret Bremner
Dervish - Elaine Benefatto

If I've messed up someone's name please let me know. I wrote down these tangle names a while back.


  1. Beautiful! Love the subtle shading on this one, Sue.

  2. A great mix of tangles makes for an elegant tile. It has a beautiful flow, and your shading is perfect.

  3. Sue, love your version of D's in your tile. Thanks for playing w/ us.!


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