Monday, November 19, 2012

Alphabet soup - E

Alphabet soup again. On this tile all the tangle patterns have names that begin with the letter E.
They are;

Eyelet & Ribbon - Lori Howe
Euca - Anne Marks
Esses - Chris Le tourneau
Echo - Sue Clark
Eye Test - Lizzie Mayne


  1. I love this. The tangle at the top is so pretty.

  2. I really enjoyed doing your initial alphabet soup a lot. Now you give us a new challenge..all the same letter! I like these ideas cos you dont have to choose what tangles to use so much!! You are always an inspiration sue.

  3. Love how eyelet and ribbon jumps off the paper. Fantastic tile.

  4. So beautiful, Sue! Eyelet just pops off the page, and I love the hint of Echo.

  5. Oh, I adore your clean lines, the neatness of this, it's so crisp and delicious looking, very well done :)


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