Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Alphabet Soup challenge - C

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted a alphabet challenge piece. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. I just had so many other things to share in the meantime! I now have several letters stacked up on my desk and I'll post them over the few weeks.

In this tile I again used the letter -  'C',  as my string. I then used patterns that start with the letter C that are not official tangle patterns. These are patterns I have not used in my tiles but really wanted to try them out.

Shown here;
Chilgoza - Molossus
Cherry and Leaf - Lee Ann
Casella - Connie - a student of Mariet


  1. am not a tangle artist only a fan!!!! i love the zentangle movement and now it's beginning to float over to quilt world and intermingle a little, for me the best of both worlds yea !!!! and of course I love your letter C, ;) cyndi

  2. also, am curious.... are those ceramic tiles or some sort of pper/fiber/art mats you're drawing on?

  3. Elegant! The tangles you have used give a nice dimension to your C.

  4. Hi Sue, was looking forward to see your compilation and of course your tile is wonderful!! It's perfectly even and just love the centre 'C' - a great contrast :)


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