Monday, November 5, 2012

Zentangle 7 book review - zendalas

The new book, Zentangle 7, has arrived at my doorstep. This books focuses on zendalas - a new way of looking at the centuries old practice of drawing mandalas.  My artwork got a full page so I'm pretty thrilled! It's a beautiful book too. It features zendalas that were created by 8 different CZTs. It is fascinating to see how we all have such different styles but all are beautiful in their own way. We were asked to incorporate some of the new tangle patterns into our tiles. I had a blast looking at each tile and picking out the new tangle patterns and seeing the variations each artist did on theirs.

There is information in here about creating a zendala from scratch, using pre-strung tiles, using stencils, compass roses, and several coloring techniques. The pictures illustrate the concepts so well! There is so much information packed in here that it is really a worthwhile addition to any zentangle library.

This new book is a continuation of the other zentangle books from Design Originals/Fox Chapel Publishing. It has a similar page count, and similar style to the other books. There are 40 new tangle patterns. And the price is a friendly $8.99.

The picture below is one of my tiles. You can see it on the cover of the book too! I took this picture on a sunny day on my front walk before I sent it off to Suzanne McNeill.

Tangles - Cuddles, Flower Power, and Fingers

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  1. I hope my copy arrives before I go away for the weekend! I've been very partial to turquoise/aqua recently. Very nice tile, with some fun new tangles. :)


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