Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Keenes Zendela

Click to enlarge for detail

When I started this Zendala we had a record breaking December day with 70 degrees. Unbelievable! We are back to the 30s today but having a warm day in December was such a treat.

So as I worked on this Zendala on a warm day, it wasn't hard to remember the warmth of summer. Keenes of course reminds me of those little bikinis I was able to rock many, many years ago. The other tangles were chosen because they reminded me of seashells and other seashore diversions.

I also was able to use the newest zendala template from Erin (the bright owl). I think this template is one of my favorites! I colored it using my Tombow markers before I tangled it with an orange Micron pen. A little shading with an orange colored pencil completed it.

Note - My regular computer is acting up so I've had to post this using the camera on my phone and a different laptop. I apologize if the quality of the picture isn't quite as good.


  1. Spectacular! Love the colors you have used and your beach inspired tangles.

  2. Happy warm days of December to you Sue! Bright and beautiful Keenees and all!

  3. another Gorgeous creation. always a treat to see your art

  4. Wow, your drawing looks like the sun. I wish we had some around here. In our country it is cold and raining (wet snow) during the day. Looking at your Zendala makes me feel the sun shining on my Skin.

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  6. Thanks for adding warmth to a cold December day. I do so admire your way with color. You have certainly added depth here with the orange colored pencil.

  7. Warmth from the sunshine, the "face" of a beautiful flower, and all things wonderful about the seashore in the details... smiles. What a treat. Lovely!


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