Friday, December 14, 2012

Zendala snowflake challenge

 Every week Erin at  posts a template for a zendala. It's been so much fun seeing what she comes up with. This week however, she challenged us to use the snowflake method to create our own zendala. I first learned about this method when I got the book Zen Mandalas by Suzanne McNeill. The snowflake method is explained in a section on Page 8.

So I've been having fun cutting out snowflakes again. I've folded them in a couple of different ways and added cutting lines. After cutting them I unfolded them and ironed them so they would lay flat.

The template I ended up with is in the upper left of this picture.

In this picture the template is in the lower left.

 Unfortunately the pencil lines don't show up too well in this picture. Try clicking on the picture to enlarge it.

I got out my Tombow Dual Brush markers and used my watercolor technique to add some color. I meant to take this picture with just the color in place but at least I got the picture early in the tangling stage.

Ta Da!

I used a green Sakura Micron Pigma 05 pen for the tangling and a green colored pencil for a little shading.


  1. this looks like a lot of fun and endless patterns.more decorative. I don't really care for the string. I will try using on tiles as well.

  2. Like the color and the symmetry of your zendala.

  3. i think santa is bringing me tombows for Christmas and i can not wait! i love your colors here - so pretty!

  4. Nice to see how you build up a collerd zendala!


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