Friday, April 5, 2013

Sepia Dare with Irojiten shading

It looks like spring may finally be coming out way. YIPPEE! So I  was in a really good mood as I did this zendala. It uses Dare 51 from Erin at the Bright Owl. The center and most of the rings going out, started as a basic 'Bales ' . Then I added variations and tangleations to make each ring a little different. 

I got a new tool to play with here. It's a colored pencil from the IROJITEN line. I was lucky enough to get a set to try out for the 100 days of Tombow. This zendala only uses one color for the shading. It's the fawn color. I like how it complimented my sepia Micron pen. It went on smoothly and was very easy to get a light shading where I wanted the shading to be light. I'll be playing with these pencils a lot more over the next few weeks so I'll let you know what I think of the rest of them as I go. Thanks Tombow!

I also wanted to share a picture of my granddaughter enjoying some yummy frozen yogurt at Yumz in Libertyville. If you live nearby, stop over for their grand opening this weekend. They are at 163 N Milwaukee in Libertyville. Looks like the weather will finally be right for enjoying that treat!

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  1. Beautiful Sue!!! I ment your zendala, but so is your granddaughter.


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