Monday, April 22, 2013

Tangles from Jane Monk, CZT

Today's tile shows tangles that come from the blog of Jane Monk CZT. Jane is a CZT from Tasmania, Australia. Yikes - that's a long way away from where I am! She is also very well known for her quilting skills. If you are a quilter you will want to visit her blog and really look around. Her blog can be found at  I've been following her for a while and have collected her tangle patterns in my notebook. I found her work through her blog and on Flickr. I didn't see a link on her blog for her patterns although some can be found on tangle at 

The ones I've tried here are;
Loave it

This is part of my continuing challenge to myself to use tangles by different artists (that have created multiple tangles) and to use them together in a single tile.  - If you wonder why you haven't seen more of these lately - well, life has kept me busy lately. 

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