Monday, February 3, 2014

Ditto - new tangle pattern

Ditto is a new tangle pattern that was inspired by a picture of Art Deco wallpaper. It's a simple tangle that can be used as a filler or in a linear fashion in borders and such. It goes together in that wonderfully soothing fashion that a good tangle pattern should.

I've drawn it here on an angle but that doesn't mean that's the only way. Click on the pictures to expand them.

1 - Draw lines with a pencil. Leave space between the lines. These lines will be incorporated into the shading later so don't worry about how dark you draw the lines. Next draw zigzag lines within also in pencil. These lines should be done as lightly as possible. (if you have trouble with the zigzag lines - think stair-steps.) Do the same zigzag lines within each set of lines.

 2 - Draw comma shapes along the right side of the vertical lines. (Or you can think of these shapes as fish with a skinny tail.) Then come back and do the next comma/fish along the top of the horizontal lines.

3 - Add more comma/fish shapes in the space you have left, these shapes will get smaller and smaller.

4 - Continue adding comma/fish shapes in the other direction.

5 - Once you have the hang of this you can skip the step where you pencil in the vertical/horizontal lines. Here I've shown drawing the big comma/fish shapes into the zigzag line right away. Then you'll go back and do the smaller shapes.

 6 - Add additional shading along lines and blend out.

At the left I've drawn the pattern super size so you can see the shapes. Note that as I draw them I like to curve the tail slightly in toward the line.

In the tile I've tried out a few tangleations. I'm sure you will come up with more!

I DON"T recommend using a ruler. But I did here because I want you to see what happens to the pattern if your lines are close together - or further apart. The more space you have, the more commas/fishies you can fit in.

This picture shows what happens when your zigzag lines meet up instead following the same patterns. This gives you a more symmetrical look.

Oh, the name. Ditto. Why that? Well, Since it's now February with Valentines day coming soon, I was thinking of how romantic the movie Ghost is. But Patrick Swayze's character can't bring himself to tell his wife that he loves her. When she says "I love you", he simply says "ditto". So since this tangle pattern is filled with commas/ditto marks, I thought it was appropriate.

I did an extensive search through my pattern books and didn't see this one done anywhere but if I've overlooked something similar out there, PLEASE let me know.

I've just posted a video on YouTube on how to draw Ditto. Follow this link


  1. I'm no expert but I haven't seen this before and I LOVE it!! Lovely, elegant and effective. Great name too. Axxx

  2. Never have seen this pattern either. Now that I have, I will have to share this wonderful, creative pattern with our fellow Tangler's. Thanks for this one Sue.

  3. Very cool! can't wait to try this delightful pattern - thanks for sharing :)

  4. Love, LOVE this, Sue. What a talent you are. Always looking for tangles that lend themselves to borders. This one's delicious.

  5. Love the look of this tangle, Sue! Will be trying it soon.

  6. love it will be practicing shortly. xx

  7. I really love this tangle. So simple but produces such a great look. Getting out my art book right now to try it!

  8. Sweet! Just in time for the Tangle U Ensemble Swap. Thanks so much

  9. VERY nice! Especially with the shading. Good one.

  10. Lovely new pattern, Sue. And great variations. I've already played with it in my sketch book, and can't wait to try it in a tile.

  11. Once I got the rhythm and flow of this one it's a great tangle to draw. I used it in this week's Diva Challenge if you want to take a peek -

    Will definitely include this in my next Borders and Frames class - thanks again.

  12. This is a wonderful Tangle Pattern. First attempt at drawing this little beauty was a success. Very well done. A winner in every sense. Thanks.


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