Monday, December 5, 2011

Alphabet Soup H - M

Continuing my alphabet soup project I have had fun discovering more tangles that I haven't used for a while (or haven't used at all until now!).

Hugs and Kisses - Jeanne Kuzel
Iffy - Lizzy Mayne
Japonica - Molossus
Kolum - Lara Williams
Liz - Mafe Movromati
Marbles - Helena - Belatrix 29


  1. I shall be doing this challenge too, Sue! (A great way to continue trying new tangles.)

  2. Great Idea to do the alphabet with new tangles. I have only seen a few of the ones you used in this zentangle, guess it's time to do some research. Beautiful Zentangle Sue.

  3. Hi Sue, I live in Lake Zurich and am an artist(oil,pastel) with a blog,also. I was just introduced to Zentangle on Friday. We had a lunch party and each guest did a Zentangle while we were there. I did a second one with the words"Thank You" in it to send to my hostess. Where do you find all the patterns? I see you have peoples names listed for each pattern. I can't find the alphabet letter in the tangle??


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