Thursday, December 29, 2011

tangling with a stapler

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I had a chance yesterday to do something really outside of the box. I did my tangling with a stapler. I looked through my ‘go to’ tangles to find some that would work with the size of the staples. Then I found some black tiles and just went for it. It was fast and fun. And it felt really different.

In full disclosure, I did this because I received a new stapler for me to review. Honestly, I‘m glad I did this though because I found out that stapler technology has changed significantly since the last time I shopped for a stapler. I was sent a    Swingline SmartTouch Stapler  and   Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples . The stapler is easy for me to hold in my hand and though I used lots of staples in my project I didn’t feel any pain in my hand at all. I never had a staple jam or form a ‘wonky’ shape either.

The only criticism I had was that it took me a little while to figure out how to load the staples into the stapler. There is a button at the opposite end from the business end that when pushed, opened it up easily. But as I was holding it in my hand, I couldn’t see that button. I would appreciate a diagram on the packaging that showed me where to push.

Additional full disclosure – I got the stapler through     Shoplet .com and they asked me to write this review. They have lots of office supplies available.


  1. Really weird to tangle with a stapler, but very creative, and the results are very surprising! greetz and love, Ellen

  2. Very cool!! don't you just love trying old things in new ways!!!!

  3. Very cool idea. This art is so wonderful for thinking outside the box!!

  4. good job what a way to include some thing usual in an unusual way.. good thinking!!

  5. Very cool! It must have been time consuming. Now if you wanted the polar opposite you could make a rubbing or you could buy colored staples of paint your own with acrylics. By the way, I have the same stapler but it's purple. Love it.

  6. Aren't you the clever one? I NEVER would have thought of this - and they look A-maz-ing! Good for you!


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