Friday, February 28, 2014

Ditto tangle - video instructions!

Ditto is a new tangle pattern that I first introduced a few weeks ago. Since then I've refined a few things. I simplified the steps AND I made a video. The video is up on You Tube. You can find it by going to You Tube and searching for 'Sue Jacobs Ditto' or you can follow this link you tube Ditto video
It's also shown at the bottom of this post.

I redid my instructions because I wanted to stay true to the basics of Zentangle philosophy. That is, no grids or penciled guidelines needed. I also wanted to stress that you can draw it by combining two of the 5 basic shapes that are part of  tangle patterns. Rick and Maria, the founders, show in their book that those shapes are 1) the dot, 2) a straight line, 3) a curved line, 4) a S shaped line, and 5) an orb. Ditto uses the curved line and the S shaped line.


  1. Great video. Just squeaked in in time for today's roundup!

  2. I love this pattern, Sue! Great job with the video--you presented a lot of information very clearly and efficiently. I appreciate your generosity in sharing--all the creativity, time, and effort you put into your presentation of Ditto. Thank you! I look forward to working with this tangle. :-)

    1. I was just going to comment that this looks very much like your Paisley Boa! Probably because I draw Paisley Boa just like Sue demonstrates for the start of Ditto. I love the video.

  3. Love it Sue! Thanks for breaking it down and for doing the video.

  4. Love it Sue. Great job on the video.

  5. good video, sue! i like the way you had most of the tiles all drawn out already - kept the video moving - which i appreciate :) going to go play now!

  6. Brilliant video Sue, it was very clear and thank you for the tangleations!

  7. Thanks for your clear, concise instructions and video. Linking to the concept of the basic strokes as Rick and Maria did in the Book of Zentangle emphasizes the Zentangle Method of building a tangle one stroke at a time. Brilliant!


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