Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jailed Johnny

The Diva challenged us to use a new tangle pattern ' Jailed Johnny'. I looked at it, and looked at it, not sure what I wanted to do with it. Instead of seeing apples though, I saw hearts. So at that point, it all came together. I also wanted to play with my new tangle 'Ditto' so I added that too - only on a curved line. Color of course, is my thing, so I did it all in pinks for valentines Day.

We have more snow - again. I went out to shovel the front walk this morning and when I looked out just now, the wind has blown snow back again! Part of my family is down in Florida. It's looking more and more appealing!


  1. Nice zendala, especially for the time of year. Like the shading. I am with you on a warmer climate looking attractive. I have lived in the Midwest my entire life but am gettin tired of the snow this year. I think you have gotten more in your area.

  2. Replies
    1. I've had a go at Ditto and will try it again soon. Nice and easy but think I got the spacing a little wide so I'll try it again soon.

  3. Beautiful Zendala Sue !
    Always know yours will be in color before I click the button.
    Such a lovely style !
    Here in Holland we have not had any winter weather yet, It's much too warm and wet for the season.

  4. Now that is a beautiful interpretation of Jailed Johnny! And, so warm and cheerful in such a gloomy time of the year. Lovely!

  5. Oh what a lovely lovely zendala! It is so beautiful in the pinks Sue. I am with you on this winter weather in the Midwest. I am really getting tired of all the layers to keep warm this year!

  6. Really beautiful zendala! Wonderful pink colour!

  7. Very pink, very Valentine and ..... very pretty!
    Stay warm!!!!

  8. Lovely pink tangles. I LOVE Ditto, Sue, can't stop using it and practising - when I can do it like you, I'll be happy! Axxx

  9. Love this, Sue! And love the all pink treatment and shading!

  10. Exquisite! love the colour, the theme and of course your latest pattern 'ditto' - I did try it too and also included it in a zendala - its a fab pattern and will definitely use it again :) thank you


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