Sunday, October 25, 2015

Almost Halloween - W2

This tile began as a way to do a montangle with W2. I laid out all my little squares and was about to start when I spotted one of my rulers that has a serrated edge. It's a ruler that's meant to be used when you want to rip paper and get a perfectly uneven deckled edge. Somehow that inspired me to do my lines in a wiggly, shakey fashion. (I didn't actually use the ruler - just was inspired by it.)

I've always liked to add linework to my W2 and as I started it I continued with the shakey lines, and that led to the Msst tangle. Now I could see it was starting to become kind of strange and spooky. I thought of adding spiders but that would be a little too representational for Zentangle. So then I came up with a few Tipple like orbs - and with the dots inside they can be seen as eyeballs. Lots of deep shading finished it.

I'm happy with the way this came out. Especially because I frequently have students who complain that their linework is too shakey. Well, now I can show them that if they just go with it they can come up with all sorts of possibilities!

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  1. And, you've just shown me some possibilities. I thought my tangling days were numbered because of those shaky lines. Maybe I was wrong...


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