Friday, October 9, 2015

Tangling on rocks

This tangled rock was left at my sister's home tucked among the other rocks by her fireplace.  Her home in Rhode Island is near the coast. I love walking along the rocky coastline looking for perfectly shaped rocks.
This rock was tangled with an IDentipen.  Highlights were added with a white charcoal pencil.


  1. Tangling on rocks sounds so difficult, but it is actually a lot of fun. I leave mine around park benches. Sometimes, when I take the dog for a walk, I see people picking up one of my rocks, staring at it in amazement. Strange enough, they all put it back in place for others to enjoy. Looks like you have an endless supply there! :-)

  2. I love tangling on rocks, but where I live there's no near place to find them. :)


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