Thursday, October 1, 2015

Color Strings

Color! - Oh, how it excites me! This weeks challenge is to use color as our string. One of the suggestions was to use a stencil and to spritz or daub the color over it. I ended up going more free form with my color. In the tile above I dribbled three colors of ink onto my tile and kind of played with it. I purposely left areas of white space. When it was dry I outlined everything and tangled in the white spaces. There is also a little bit of shading with colored pencil to make those areas more defined but it's hard to see that in the photograph.

This is another tile I did at the same time as the first one. I've done the outlining but haven't started the tangles yet.

This tile was done with a wet into wet technique. I used water to wet the whole tile first and then added color here and there. I didn't have the white spaces to tangle within so I used my colored pens and tried a different approach.

This is a group of tiles I did at the same time while I was playing with my inks. As you can see, you will get quite a few unexpected results as you try to get the one that inspires you.

The two tiles below are ones that I think will be next to go up on the drawing table. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice work! I especially like your last completed tile where you tangled with coloured pens onto coloured spaces. Used that effect myself already and simply love it!

  2. I think I like the first one best, with the tangles in the white spaces, but they are all so cool and colorful! Thanks for playing with me this week!

  3. Great!!! It is so much fun to color paper yourself, I just bought a lovely lilac ink this week and will use that today!


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