Saturday, October 24, 2015

Leaf Zendala

With fall coming there is lots of inspiration to include leaves and fall colors into our artwork. I started with a colored tile (seen below). I used the Zendala dare # 112 from Erin Olsen at The Bright Owl. This is a lovely Zendala template that I'm sure I will use again. I only used two tangles - Poke leaf and Meer but the template has such lovely lines that I didn't need more. Tangles were done with a brown Micron and shaded with colored pencils.

Yes - this is the tile I started with - but I took this picture late at night with artificial lighting. It's frustrating when you try to take pictures and it comes out so different form what you expect. You can see the lines from the template. I lightly penciled them in using a light box.


  1. Very beautiful, the tangle patterns as well as the coloring and shading. A wonderful zendala!

  2. Beautifully designed!!! I love the color on the toned paper.

  3. I love this: the color, the tangles, I LOVE it.

  4. It looks really old, like something on an old map or so.
    I love it!!!

  5. I just love this. How did you color your tile? Was it a white Zendala tile?


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