Monday, October 12, 2015

Rocky roads

The East coast vacation was fantastic. I saw family, we got a chance to get a last sail of the season, great seafood dinners, and teaching Zentangle at the New England Traditions convention.

Coming back home however has not been so much fun. It's been a long drive. That's OK - I anticipated that. What I didn't anticipate was the last day when the car started making noises and the rear end started shimmying as we were driving at highway speeds on the Interstate. We limped into a rest area and began a 5 hour ordeal of contacting our insurance to get a tow. We ended up with two different tow trucks as the insurance approved company wasn't authorized to pick up on the Interstate. So now I'm sitting in a hotel room as the dealership works on some very expensive repairs.

So I tangled on my rocks to keep calm and pass the time.

I finally got a chance to do the Diva challenge with the Tri-bee tangle pattern.

I did this one as I was thinking about the repairs being done to my car!

And I tangled with Zenith some more.

The car up on the tow truck. My husband is on the right - looking rather frustrated.


  1. I do understand the frustration and hope you are home and safe by now! The rocks however are great! So, something good came out of this!?

  2. Geez Louise ! Sorry to hear about your car troubles. The tangled rocks are beautiful.


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