Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Circle of Friends presentation

Yesterday I gave a presentation to a group called 'the Circle of Friends'. They wanted a program that would only be one hour and would appeal to a wide variety of interests. We decided to do a simple ornament. I followed the basics that I normally do in a basics class but simplified and condensed things for the time allowed. There were 26 present. I couldn't corral them all for a picture of all of their ornaments so I'm happy to show you these. Some of the gals 'did their own thing' but since there are no rules in Zentangle, we enjoyed those too. They had a great time and surprised themselves with what they accomplished! Well done ladies!!!

Later that evening my son received an honor that I'm very proud of. He made it into the National Honor Society at his high school. He's a good kid!


  1. Congratulations on both! Did you cut the rounds yourself or did you by them this way? Ellen Gozeling

  2. What a great idea for 'tangles'!! And congrats on your son's award! It's obvious he's had a good foundation!!


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