Thursday, November 10, 2011

The circle of life - in remembrance

Part of the diva's challenge was simply to remember. Remember laughter and tears, friends and family, fallen heroes or quiet bravery. I did the tile with the poppy that I posted yesterday for the veterans. This tile honors my family. Especially my mother who is now gone. Her love and guidance will always be remembered. I call it the circle of life because I know she is always with us and now is watching over her three great grandchildren who she never met in person.

The outermost tangle is the one I designed and named after my mother, 'Adeline'. The instructions for 'Adeline' can be found here.
The three tangles in the middle represent my three granddaughters.
'Queen's Crown' by Suzanne McNeill is for our girl that loves Disney Princesses.
'Ogen' by Christina Vandervlist is for the sister that watches everything her older sister does.
'8 of Diamonds' is for our newest girl who is now 8 weeks old. (Also one of my patterns)

This was done with a pink Micron Pigma pen and shaded with three shades of colored pencils.


  1. Very nice! I don't think I've noticed "Adeline" before. It's lovely (both the tangle and, I'm sure, your mom!). I've downloaded the directions and will try it next week.

  2. Great zendala! The outside winding pattern is very cool.

  3. That tangle Adeline is just beautiful...I definitely need to try drawing it in a circle. Beautiful sweet "girly" piece!

  4. So special! All your pages over the last month are beautiful, it's so nice to have the time to see what you have been up to.

  5. This is beautiful and I really like the Adeline pattern. It makes a nice wreath.

  6. Lovely and sweet Sue, Ogden fits beautifully with your lovely tangles. The color exudes a wonderful warmth and glow.

  7. I'm a kid and i love zen-tangles its really cool how you shaded i have a question how did you shade color?!? i also say the frost in the air where you shaded blue that's really cool but i don't know how how do you do it?!?

  8. Gabriel - thanks for visiting my blog.I shade with my colored pencils by using a very light touch for the first layer. I repeat in smaller and smaller areas to build the color up. I add second and third color layers to add more dimensions to the colors.


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