Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lest We Forget

The latest challenge ties in with Veterans day. In Canada, where the 'Diva' is, they have Remembrance Day. The poppy is the symbol that is handed out on those days. The idea is to remember and honor those that have given their lives for us and those that we remember because they are our heroes.

To do this tile I found a coloring page for a poppy on the internet and used it for inspiration. The poppy is done with a red Micron Pigma pen and then colored with a red colored pencil. In the background I used a variation of the tangle pattern 'Nipa' and shaded it with pencil to resemble the folds of a flag waving in the breeze.


  1. Beautiful, love the stars and stripes as the background.

  2. Your poppy reminds me of the real flower - nice!

  3. Love the rippling effect! Beautiful poppy!

  4. Nice remembrance. Excellent shading on the striping to create the undulation.


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