Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Yesterday I got an extra hour of sleep. Hallelujah! Then it was the challenge of going from clock to clock in the house and trying to remember how each clock works to properly set it back. As I saw all the different clock faces I thought, hmmm, there is a pattern here. So this is the tile that resulted.


  1. I love the clock idea!!! I was thinking just yesterday about how should I do a clock for a zentangle I was working on, TFS your zentangle...

  2. Already done one hour back here in UK last week :-) Love the idea of clocks in Zentangle!

  3. Sue, I can see how you used your extra hour! Your clocks make a great zentangle!

  4. Love your tangle!! My day started a little strangely as a new clock set itself after we had set it and the alarm, which really through us off!!!


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