Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tri-Shapes challenge

The latest challenge from the 'Diva' asked us to use three shapes - a circle, square, and triangle, to create our string. I tried a number of ways to place the shapes on my tile and was not inspired at all. Then in the middle of the night I thought "Why do the shapes have to be 'on' the tile?" So first thing in the morning I tried it with the shapes all hanging off the edges. That was much better for me.

The second half of the challenge was to use patterns we had never used before. There are so many out there it wasn't hard to find a bunch of patterns that were new to me. Pictured here are;
Rokpool - Neil Burley
Gewgle - Sandy Steen Bartholomew
Bofi - Cindy Angiel
Golven - Mariet Dronten
Sez - Official zentangle pattern
Beeline - Official zentangle pattern
Whirlz - Lori Howe
Pweeko - Mrs Broady

Thanks Diva, for another fun challenge!


  1. Good idea! Like your choice of patterns.

  2. I like the look of the shapes going off the page and love the patterns you used. Very nice!

  3. Great unconstrained thinking! I love some of these tangles and how they worked with the composition. Great tile!

  4. A lovely "out of the box" zentangle. I loved some of the tangles you have used. Very pretty!


  5. I can see I'm going to have some new patterns to add to my notebook! I like how you just have a piece of each shape. Thanks for the idea for the challenge this week, it was really fun.

  6. Oops - I have the wrong Sue - the idea came from Sue Clark, didn't it?

  7. Thanks Terrie - You are correct - Sue Clark deserves the credit this time!


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