Friday, November 4, 2011

Frost in the air

I'm a little late posting today. Doing grandma duty with my now 7 week old granddaughter is wonderful, but it's hard to get the rest of your day in order. There will be more pictures of her soon.

It seems we are waking up to frost on the ground most mornings now. So this quick little zendala seemed appropriate. Stay warm!

This tile was done with the Pigma pen first and then the color was added with watercolor pencils. I used the pencil dry and then wet it to spread the color out. After that was dry I repeated the steps. Finally I added another darker blue into the corners.


  1. I absolutely love it, and it does have a Wintry feel to it, can't wait until it'd finished.

    FYI - snowflakes (not that this is one) have just six sides.

  2. i love this! what kind of paper did you use?
    Great job!!


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