Monday, May 7, 2012

Zendala sampler

If you have taken a class with me this will seem familiar. I enjoy doing these simple zendalas and find they are an easy way to get students started with them.

This circle is only 3 1/2 " so I only used 6 sections. I start by picking a center point slightly off center. Light, curved, pencil lines are drawn and then the pen comes out. I used the sepia Sakura micron pen here and shaded with colored pencil.


  1. I love how this looks Sue. I have to try one of these zendalas.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Great Idea, it looks great and is simple to do. It would be perfect for a second class!

  3. Good idea, maybe I can use it in a class sometime. I do a class of mandalas on the standard square tile but the circle is a fun idea. It might even be possible to cut down a standard tile into a circle... hmm.

  4. This is beautiful...and you've inspired me!

  5. Your tangles are always so inspiring. Thank you very much for your visit!!!

  6. I'm really getting into zendalas now so will try tis idea. Thanks Sue, Anne


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