Wednesday, January 8, 2014

'Bumps' revisited

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I was asked by a blog visitor to enlarge the step outs I have for the tangle pattern 'Bumps'. Of course, I can't find the original diagram I did so I decided to redo them - and simplify the steps even more. 

1- Draw a simple shape - in this case, a three petaled flower.
2- Draw an aura around that shape
3- Draw a partial aura around one side.
4. Add a smaller shape above - this first line is a smaller aura, then add 'bumps'. You may have one bump, two or three bumps.
5- Complete the aura of the 'bumps'.
6- Add similar shapes around the center area.
7- Again draw partial auras that fit whatever shapes you have going.
8. Add the smaller shapes and complete the auras.

Continue until you fill whatever shape you are working with.
Once you do it a few times you will find that you can combine some of the steps and draw the larger shapes and then fill them with the smaller shapes. (Combine steps 3 and 5 - then add step 4 within)

As you fill spaces you will find odd shapes and areas that you can't fill with the shapes above. These are some of the 'bump' ideas you can use. When you get toward the edge of the shape you are filling the shapes will either be simpler - or more interesting!

This tile started the bumps pattern at the bottom of each shape rather than in the middle. This finished example shows several variations on the bumps pattern. You can vary the basic bumps to whatever type you like. Add double auras, add dots, do it in color. Play with it!

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  1. Sue, love that you show it with other shapes other thank a circle!! Nice job.

  2. This really helped me Sue. Thank you. Love this tangle, and lots of your others!

  3. Love this. Attracted to it on Tangle Patterns because to me in looked like flocking birds. A change in some shapes even enhances this for me. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this.


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