Monday, January 13, 2014

Pink Zendala 87

This zendala in pink started with the zendala template #87 from the Bright Owl. When I saw it I knew I had to add color. Holbein makes a watercolor paint called 'Opera' and it's a color I simply adore. I laid in several washes of the color - one at a time, letting each dry. Then I lifted out some of the pink color in the center.

The tangles were done with a pink Micron pen and colored pencil added a little shading.

All the tangles are ones that can be found in my tangle pattern gallery page. (see the tab at the top)

Zhostovo border
Looby Loo
La Bel


  1. Perfect pink Zendala and perfect tangles in pink! Axxx

  2. I like pink! This is very cherry with the light floral tangles!

  3. What a pretty Zendala. The pink goes well with the tangle choices. Very flower like.

  4. You worked a lovely color and your tangling is beautiful.

  5. Like the variation of the color. Curious how you lifted the color out. Did you use a blender?

  6. So fun in pink! I feel like I need to go borrow one of my daughter's tutus!

  7. Love your pink Zendala. And very imaginative use of the tangles.


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