Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Banbury class and shopping tips

These are the pictures from the July 9th class at Banbury. We had a great mix of ages, and both women and a man. Looking at the tiles above I doubt you can tell which were done by the kids or the man. They all came out great! It was a full class so I'm happy to tell you we have a date for the next  basics class. It's set for August 5th at 1 PM. Sign up now before it fills! More info is found under the tab for classes.

After the class I sat down with my Sunday paper and noticed all the ads for school supplies are beginning. If you want to expand your supplies for crafting and are budget conscious (aren't we all!) - this is the time to start looking for bargains. Office supply stores have lots of things to choose from and I've found many supplies there. Some of the things to look for are page protectors, post-it notes, colored pencils, index cards, rulers, storage options, etc.  - Note - I'm not recommending any of the stores in particular whose ad I pictured above - I just want to get you started in looking for these supplies.

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  1. WOW - your class results are just that! CLASSY! Shame I am the other side of the pond . . . I'd love to take a class with you.



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