Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All Ages in Bartlett

Last weekend I visited the Bartlett Public Library. I was scheduled to do a program for the children's department. They filled all twenty slots and had a waiting list. As it often happens with a free program though, there were a few no shows. It turned out there were a few ladies who had seen the program in a local paper - but the paper didn't mention it was a children's program, so they showed up anyway. I taught the program as I always do - not talking down to the kids and teaching the same way.
As you can see from the tiles pictured above, they all did a wonderful job! There were kids as young as 10 up to high school ages. And as I mentioned, there were 3 adults who joined us. When their tiles were all grouped together I truly could not tell which were done by which age group. Isn't Zentangle wonderful!

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